Client  Noon Home

Category  Smart Home

Services  UE, UI

Awards  Red Dot Award       Country  USA

Beautiful light is emotional. Noon Home had a vision of creating a light switch system that knows enough about your lights to create beautifully synchronized lighting in your home. We worked with Noon Home to create a comprehensive user experience which spanned across from the mobile app to the light switch interface as well.

The Noon system enables you to coordinate all of the light switches in your home, enabling you to adjust the lighting to suit different activities or moods.

Keeping it light

Steamlining onboarding was critical as there were so many steps necessary to set-up a single room. We were constantly looking at different ways that we might be able to remove and automate steps in order to accelerate set-up while keeping the user engaged.

Smart means smart

The Room Director is the heart of the Noon Home experience, allowing people to intuitively swipe through the touch screen in order to control the lights in their rooms.

Home sweet home

The home screen had to feel playful and friendly echoing how we wanted your actual home to feel when using Noon’s lighting experience

From Sketch to Ship

During this long term engagement, we developed everything from the high-level wireframes of the user experience to the expanded custom icons that users could choose from for their different scenes.

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