Who decided a spherical crystal ball would be the right medium for seeing meaningful visions?  Who first looked at the lines in a human palm and saw an interface for accessing the future?

Form is an integral part of making the future accessible.  Whether it’s robotics, autonomous vehicles or a crystal ball, Woke studios excels at bridging radical, innovative concepts with beautiful, approachable design.

Before journeying too far into the future, we’d first like to revisit the past.

The year is 1954, and Hormozd is hosting a group of friends and family at his home in Yazd, a small village in Iran.  He’s the village palm reader and his audience has come to him for their fortunes.  Then and now, it’s a scary and beautiful thing to look into the future.  Sometimes you need a trained eye to guide you.  Hormozd offered that guidance for many, many years to many, many people.

Hormozd’s story and work resonated deeply with his grandson, Afshin, who founded Woke studios in 2013.  Design is a lot like fortune telling, after all. Like palm reading, it’s a way of expressing something new.

Come in and have a seat. The future is waiting.

Who we are

Woke Studios is a tight-knit team of designers from all over the world.  While our diverse backgrounds keep our perspective fresh, we uniformly align around our obsessive curiosity about what comes next and what that might look like.



Some people use crystal balls.  Other people read palms.  Our approach includes:

Design Research
While some things may emerge mysteriously as if behind the haze of a crystal ball, most of our ideas are inspired and rooted in interpersonal connections and observations.

Research and Insights
Stakeholder Ideation Workshops
Product User Testing

Industrial Design
Sometimes the future is best suited by beautiful, well-considered three dimensional objects.

Design Development
Softgoods Prototyping and Sourcing
Mechanical Engineering/DFM
Electrical Engineering Liasing

Experience Design
And sometimes the future lives best in the digital realm.

User Experiences
Visual Design
Motion Design
Hardware/Software Prototyping
Developer Liasing


Maple Leaf Office
1737 West 3rd Ave. Suite 210
Vancouver, B.C.
V6J 1K7, Canada

Stars and Stripes
243 Byxbee St
San Francisco, CA
94132, USA